About Me

Michael Bolshakov Product Designer, Full Stack Developer Master’s Degree > 10 years of experience

Since early childhood, programming has been my main interest in life.
I started with the popular at the time language BASIC, after some time I fell in love with C. To this day C is the pillar of programming for me.

I have experience working with many languages and frameworks. Learning something new for me has never been a problem, on the contrary — something satisfying and intriguing. Taking on a new project, I always try to use new approach and new tools.

I love working on unique projects that break outdated principles, make people’s lives better and easier. When developing, I pay a lot of attention to details, ease of implementation, and choice of optimal solution.

My goal is to help people.
My main tool for achieving it is programming.

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to write me an email.

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